Jürgen Wastl is member of the Associate Faculty at the Complexity Science Hub


Jürgen Wastl

Jürgen Wastl is member of the Associate Faculty at the Complexity Science Hub

Jürgen Wastl is VP Research Evaluation and Global Challenges at Digital Science, where he is part of the Thought Leadership team. He brings in his experience from his previous role leading the consultancy team supporting research institutions, funders, governments and other institutions with research capabilities.

Before joining Digital Science, he headed the Research Information team at the Research Strategy Office at the University of Cambridge with responsibilities for activities in research evaluation and reporting as well as managing and implementing software tools for Academics and Administrators and provision of analysis (including network and collaboration analysis) for Collegiate Cambridge.

Jürgen studied microbiology at the University of Bayreuth and got his PhD in cell biology at Philipps University Marburg. After his postdoc at the University of Cambridge, he was a lab leader in agrochemical research and Project manager of BMBF-funded projects at BASF in Ludwigshafen before returning to the University of Cambridge.

His main research interests lie in the application of bibliometrics in research evaluation. Expanding into global challenges, mainly research in the context of sustainable development, he investigates and analyses a variety of data sources to find trends and interesting insights.

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