portrait of Javier

Javier Del Águila Mejía

portrait of Javier

Javier Del Águila Mejía is a medical doctor (MD), with a specialization in Preventive Medicine and Public Health from Madrid, Spain. He works as epidemiologist and pre-doctoral researcher  at the National Centre for Epidemiology of Spain, at the Communicable Diseases and Public Health Surveillance Unit. His work and research focus on the epidemiology of infectious diseases, surveillance, global health, intervention epidemiology and pandemics – even before COVID-19.

Javier is also a PhD candidate in mathematical modelling in public health at the Epidemiology and Public Health program of the Autonomous Univiersity of Madrid. He is interested in the broad aspects of complexity in public health, ranging from transmission dynamics of infectious diseases, health inequities, health policy, misinformation, and global governance. Ever since Javier stepped into public health practice, he understood that complexity was the main framework for addressing the most pressing global challenges.

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