Giulio Cimini @private, at the Complexity Science Hub

Giulio Cimini

Giulio Cimini @private, at the Complexity Science Hub

Giulio Ciminis is Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics at the Physics Department of University of Rome Tor Vergata, and Research Associate at the “Enrico Fermi” research center.

He is a statistical physicist with research interests in complex networks theory and interdisciplinary socio-economic applications. He got his PhD in Theoretical and Interdisciplinary Physics in the group of Yi-Cheng Zhang at University of Fribourg. Before his current position, he worked with Anxo Sánchez at Universidad Carlos III in Madrid as SNSF fellow, in the PIL group of Luciano Pietronero and Andrea Gabrielli at ISC-CNR in Rome, and in the NETWORKS unit at IMT Lucca with Guido Caldarelli.

He serves in the board of the Network Science Society, the council of the Complex Systems Society and the steering committee of CCS/Italy. Giulio is Associate Editor of Frontiers in Physics – Interdisciplinary Physics.

His current research topics are:

  • Statistical Physics of Complex Networks
  • Reconstruction and Validation of Economic Networks
  • Social Network Interactions and Financial Markets
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