The Science of Science: Exciting Progress and Future Directions

23 May 2024
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


CSH Salon


Complexity Science Hub


The Science of Science: Exciting Progress and Future Directions

The increasing availability of large-scale datasets that trace the entirety of the scientific enterprise has created an unprecedented opportunity to explore scientific production and reward. Parallel developments in data science, network science, and artificial intelligence offer us powerful tools and techniques to make sense of these millions of data points. Together, they tell a complex yet insightful story about how scientific careers unfold, how collaborations contribute to discovery, and how scientific progress emerges through a combination of multiple interconnected factors. These opportunities—and challenges that come with them—have fueled the emergence of a multidisciplinary community of scientists who are united by their goals of understanding science and innovation. These practitioners of the science of science use scientific methods to study themselves, examine projects that work as well as those that fail, quantify the patterns that characterize discovery and invention, and offer lessons to improve science as a whole. In this talk, I’ll highlight some examples of research in this area, hoping to illustrate the promise of science of science as well as its limitations. 



Dashun Wang @ private, at the Complexity Science Hub

Dashun Wang

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