Art & Science with Olaf Osten & Anamarija Batista

03 June 2024
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


CSH Salon


Complexity Science Hub


Art & Science with Olaf Osten & Anamarija Batista


Olaf Osten

Born in 1972 in Lübeck, Germany, Olaf Osten, a visual artist based in Vienna, challenges conventional perceptions by integrating drawing and painting onto everyday objects like digital tablets, maps, and window curtains.

With a rich exhibition history in Austria and abroad, he presents two thought-provoking series, inviting audiences to rethink their understanding of the world’s complexities.



Anamarija Batista​

Born in 1978 in Zenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Anamarija Batista is a seasoned interdisciplinary researcher and curator who operates at the convergence of art, architecture, and economics. Initially pursuing economics, she dedicated five years to conducting macroeconomic analyses within the healthcare sector. Additionally, Batista pursued studies in art history and German as a foreign language at the University of Vienna.


About Olaf Osten's art

Olaf Osten Offline Serie

The series Offline consists of monochrome acrylic painting on digital tablets out of function and shows a sequence of landscapes and elements of cultural history. The digital evolution has brought us an additional dimension of invisible space with a lot of possibilities – nevertheless “being Offline” by switching off the internet also seems to provide us with important moments of psycological independence. How can we wisely take advantage of these ambivalent circumstances?



Olaf Osten Area Serie

In the series Area maps get over-worked by painting and drawing. By this method of modification the static cartographic authority gets questioned and turned into a contemporary perspective. Maps are designed to illustrate certain local definitions; but the world changes fast and with it our maps and views get old. We also know that a map is abstract and not the territory. So what is our area of now and here?





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