Barbara Grassauer

Personal Assistant
Barbara Grassauer, personal assistant to Helga Nowotny at the Complexity Science Hub

Barbara Grassauer joined the Complexity Science Hub in January 2024. She is personal assistant to Helga Nowotny, who is Chair of the CSH Science Advisory Board and is currently working on the Socioscope project.

Barbara has been in this role since 2007, including during Helga Nowotny’s time as ERC President. She possesses extensive experience in navigating complex institutional processes. Her expertise lies in managing various organizational aspects and interests.

With a keen eye for detail and a knack for efficiency, Barbara handles organizational and administrative tasks in a professional manner, providing steadfast support to Helga Nowotny.

Her particular focus is on relieving Helga Nowotny of administrative duties, allowing her to concentrate on her core responsibilities.

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