Art & Science at the Complexity Science Hub with Wolfgang Zeindl

Art at the Hub – our 12th Artist

Wolfgang Zeindl & Peter Rosei

Vernissage: June 1, 2023

About the Artist

Wolfgang Zeindl’s visual languages are manifold. To some art enthusiasts who are used to successful artists staying with an established style and developing a marketable brand, the path that Wolfgang Zeindl has taken may seem perplexing, but he is simply adventurous and dynamic. The diversity of styles on display here is familiar from Gerhard Richter or Pablo Picasso. Zeindl is neither Richter nor Picasso. But Zeindl is also not Coca Cola, where each bottle looks like all the others. Zeindl is Zeindl. His artistic expressions are bound together by superb draughtsmanship, daring yet highly subtle colour schemes, formal sophistication, and by a kind of audaciousness that is simultaneously nothing more than the flip side of deep melancholy.

Peter Rosei

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