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Art at the Hub – our 1st Artist

Olaf Osten

43 Visions for Complexity

Olaf Osten is a Vienna-based artist and graphic designer. He was born in Lübeck and studied Graphic Design in Hildesheim and Dublin.

Olaf Ostenc

“I am interested in the balance between constancy and change, which we presumably all are searching for. These sketches are themselves movement, and at the same time an expression of my movement – created through a sort of yearning. I constantly have to articulate my picture of the world so as not to stiffen up inwardly and outwardly. To maintain the widest range of possibilities within my field of view”, Olaf Osten.

His works are on display in the collections of the International Peace Institute, Austrian Foreign Ministry and the Wien Museum.

Find out more about Olaf Osten’s work:

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