Apeksha Shetty

Apeksha Shetty, PhD Candidate at the Complexity Science Hub © Gulden Timur

Apeksha Shetty joined the Complexity Science Hub as a PhD Candidate in December 2021. She has a master in journalism, media and globalisation with a specialisation in media and politics from the University of Amsterdam and Aarhus University.

For her master’s thesis, she studied how partisanship in Indian news articles was linked to the polarization expressed in user comments on Facebook.

Apeksha’s broad research interests include media effects, polarization, the role of emotions in political communication, and computational social science. Currently, she is working on the project “Emotional Misinformation—The Interplay of Emotion and Misinformation Spreading on Social Media” which aims to understand how emotions influence the tendency to believe and share inaccurate content and tests online emotion regulation interventions to reduce the spread of misinformation.

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