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CAAW’24: The 3rd International Cryptoasset Analytics Workshop

The third iteration of the half-day workshop on Cryptoasset Analytics continues to offer a forum for researchers from diverse fields to share their latest discoveries in the domain of cryptoassets.
This workshop retains its importance to the Web research community, motivated by how fundamental concepts of cryptoassets are progressively melding with Web technologies on a technical level, and through the observation that the evolution of socio-technical cryptoasset ecosystems are intricately linked to the Web.
The program features a mix of of invited talks alongside a carefully curated selection of peer-reviewed contributions. Workshop topics encompass a variety of themes, including empirical analyses, statistical methodologies, privacy measures, architectural and regulatory insights.

B. Haslhofer, F. Victor, J. Xu, K.Y. Lam, CAAW’24: The 3rd International Cryptoasset Analytics Workshop, Companion Proceedings of the 16th ACM on Web Conference (2024). 

Bernhard Haslhofer, faculty member at the Complexity Science Hub © Anja Böck

Bernhard Haslhofer

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