Andrea Vismara

Andrea Vismara, PhD Candidate at the Complexity Science Hub @ Anja Böck

Andrea joined the CSH in June 2024 as part of the Human Migration research team, as a PhD candidate, and is working on the MigraCapax project. He is excited to contribute to and shape migration policy in Austria by studying its complex dynamics. Moreover, in the context of his PhD, he wants to focus on two research strands:

i) The consequences of climate change on international migration patterns

ii) The complex ramifications of the Mediterranean migration routes

Andrea graduated in 2023 with an MSc in socio-ecological economics from WU Wien. Afterwards, he worked at the European Central Bank as an analyst in financial stability, focusing on climate change risks.

In the past, he had the opportunity to research the socio-economic consequences of climate change fiscal and financial policies (GreenFin project at WU), the violent conflict dynamics related to the extraction of transition minerals in Africa (for his MSc thesis), and the transmission of climate change physical risks across global supply chains (ECB working paper).

Andrea’s main drive for pursuing research is the desire to understand the interplay of ecological and social dynamics in our complex social systems and thus gather the tools to build better alternatives.

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