Welcome at the Hub: Peter Turchin

Posted on: 25 Sep 2017

Born and raised in Russia, Peter started his career as a theoretical biologist but moved on to historical social sciences. He is interested in understanding “how human societies evolve, and why we see such a staggering degree of inequality in economic performance and effectiveness of governance among nations”. He uses Cliodynamics as a tool for understanding - an area of research Peter substantially helped to develop during the past years.

Cliodynamics treat history as a predictive, analytic science. It works transdisciplinary, integrating historical macrosociology, cultural and social evolution, economic history (cliometrics), the construction and analysis of historical databases, and mathematical modeling of long-term social processes.

“Large databases allow us to test rival social scientific hypotheses with historical and archaeological data for a multitude of global snapshots”, says Peter, who chairs such a database: Seshat–The Global History Databank

On October 2 and 3, Peter Turchin will chair the CSH workshop on the Evolution of Social Complexity.