Job offer: Assistant Professor, non-tenure track

Posted on: 20 Sep 2017

The Institute for Information Business of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Vienna) is currently inviting applications for a fulltime Assistant Professor, non-tenure track position (post-doc, employee subject to the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for University Staff [Angestellte/r gemäß Kollektivvertrag für die Arbeitnehmer/innen der Universitäten]; gross monthly salary, paid 14 times per year: Euro 3,626.60). This employee position will be limited to a period of 3 years, starting on December 12, 2017 (commencement date subject to change).

Please note that under the terms of the WU personnel development plan, the position of Assistant Professor, non-tenure track, is limited to an employment period of not more than six years. Applicants who are already employed at WU as substitute employees can therefore only be employed for the time remaining to complete the six-year period. Persons who have already been employed at WU in an Assistant Professor, non-tenure track position cannot be re-employed in this position at WU (except as a substitute employee) due to legal restrictions.

The position is in collaboration between the Data Management Group in WU's Institute for Information Business and the Complexity Science Hub Vienna in the area of Complexity Science and the Semantic Web.

It is the main goal of the Complexity Science Hub Vienna to foster and facilitate interdisciplinary and inter-organisational research in Vienna around complex systems, networks and big data. The Web and structured data on and collected from the Web are one of the most widely studied complex systems nowadays, influencing others like smart cities (for instance through Open Data, but also through social media, and more recently through participatory citizen science). While Complexity Science studies complex systems as such, Semantic Web technologies and standards focus on bringing structure to non-structured data and developing methods for scalable methods for integrating, processing and understanding Web data.

The offered position is within a cutting-edge research project and training with leading experts in the fields of Web science, Semantic Web, Economics and complex systems. As a plus, Vienna is one of the world's most liveable cities (according to some rankings even the most liveable one). The position is for an initial period of three years with a salary according to Austrian standards with the opportunity and the expectation to define proposals for joint follow-up projects for a longer-term position.

The successful candidate will help to complement the interdisciplinary team at CSH with expertise fostering these prerequisites and support us to build large-scale infrastructures to collect data from the Web and to study the Web as a complex system as well as its impact in the non-virtual world in connection with other complex systems. As the Web as an ecosystem is growing faster than our ability to make sense of it with the established methods of the Semantic Web alone, we need to rethink both the classical knowledge representation paradigms as well as processing models for understanding the Web and its data, its evolution and scale as a whole. Candidates with a strong background in Semantic Web, Web Science or Complexity Science, and particularly in bridging these areas are welcome.

Together with the team at CSH Vienna, the successful candidate will work on developing novel methods and infrastructures to collect and process Open Web Data, combine it with closed data and conduct large-scale experiments.

Your Profile:

We search for excellent, creative and highly motivated scientists with a PhD in computer science, complex systems, Web science, or related disciplines with strong technical skills and research record. The candidates must:

  • have a great interest in multidisciplinary research,
  • have a critical, open-minded and collaborative spirit and
  • be proficient in the English language both written and spoken.

We are looking for candidates with expertise and a strong publication record in at least one of the following topics (several is a plus):

  • Building and Processing Knowledge Graphs (such as methods for the efficient interchange, extraction and structuring of Linked Data),
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for Web Data (with a particular focus on non-standard, scalable and robust methods applied to real world data),
  • Combining quantitative and statistical methods with the aforementioned Knowledge Representation and Reasoning methods,
  • Analysing the Dynamics and Evolution of Web Data (particularly methods and infrastructures for archiving and analysing such data at scale),
  • Scalable Methods for managing Information complexity of the Web (particularly Big Data Infrastructures to process data at Web scale),
  • Connecting virtual and physical communities by data and semantics on the Web (particularly social and technical implications),
  • Combining Open and Closed Data (particularly mastering implications and technical challenges on privacy and security).

WU Vienna Reference Number: 3447

Application material can be submitted online until November 11, 2017.

The full text of the position can also be found on the WU website here.