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AUG 24-26

Managing Complex Systems @ Alpbach Technology Symposium


26.08.2017, 09:00-10:30
Elisabeth-Herz-Kremenak-Saal – European Forum Alpbach

The management of complex systems is one of the most urgent challenges for society, industry, and government – ranging from technology, production, transportation, finance, economy, to healthcare, medicine, and the environment. Essential for any monitoring and control is the capability to merge the understanding of the dynamics of complex systems with big relational data. In this panel, we want to discuss the tremendous potential and challenges of understanding complex systems for the benefit of society.

Simon Dedeo, Carnegie Mellon University & Santa Fe Instiute
Vittorio Loreto, Sapienza University Rome
Stefan Thurner, Medical University of Vienna; IIASA; Santa Fe Institute; President, Complexity Science Hub Vienna
Helga Novotny (Chair) Member, Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development; Former President, European Research Council; Chair, Science Advisory Board, Complexity Science Hub Vienna

AUG 29

CSH Lunch Talk by Javier Fernandez

CSH @ Palais Strozzi

Join us for a lunch talk by Javier Fernandez on "Democratizing Big Semantic Data management, or how to query a labeled graph with 28 billion edges in a standard laptop" on Tuesday, August 29, at 11:00 am at the Hub in Room 101.

Abstract: "Linked Open Data" is a collective effort for the integration and combination of data from diverse sources, converting existing scattered data in the Web into profitable knowledge. Data providers make use of a common graph-based model, the Resource Description Framework (RDF), to describe and link data with various degrees of structure (or lack thereof). The potential of this Big Semantic Data is under-exploited when data management is based on traditional, human-readable RDF representations, which add unnecessary overheads when storing, exchanging and consuming RDF in the context of a large-scale and machine-understandable Semantic Web. In this talk WE will first discuss the main challenges emerging in a Big Semantic Data scenario, and we will present fundamental concepts of Compact Data Structures and RDF self-indexes. Then, we will introduce HDT, a compact data structure and binary serialization format that keeps big RDF datasets compressed while maintaining search and browse operations without prior decompression. Finally, we will show the application of HDT to represent and query more than 28 billion edges of the current Linked Open Data network.


CSH Lunch Talk by Luca Rade

CSH @ Palais Strozzi

Join us for a lunch talk by Luca Rade on on Tuesday, September 5, at 11:00am at the Hub in Room 101.

OCT 2-3

CSH Workshop "Evolution of Social Complexity"

CSH @ Palais Strozzi

Organized by Peter Turchin

OCT 19-20

CSH Workshop "Theory of sample space reducing and expanding processes"

Palais Strozzi

Organized by Stefan Thurner and Henrik Jensen

OCT 26

CSH Workshop WeCoS - Understanding the Web as a Complex System: Complexity Science meets Web Science

CSH @ Palais Strozzi

Organized by Axel Polleres, David Garcia, and Vito DP Servedio

OCT 31

CSH-CEU CNS Workshop

CSH @ Palais Strozzi

This workshop organized by Janos Kertesz and Stefan Thurner brings together researchers from the Complexity Science Hub Vienna and the Center for Network Science at Central European University Budapest to discuss areas for joint cooperation.

NOV 2-3

CSH Workshop "Adaptive Networks and Catastrophies"

CSH @ Palais Strozzi

Organized by Stefan Thurner, Christian Kühn, and Leonhard Horstmeyer

Adaptive dynamic networks play a key role in ecological, epidemological, social, or financial systems. In order to understand the efficiency, resilience, and systemic risks of such networks and, ultimately, to manage them one requires a much deeper mathematical understanding of their critical behavior. The co-evolving network topology changes the picture drastically so that results from the static counterpart cannot be simply transferred. Common features, precursor signals and universalities are not well understood - in part due to the great diversity in the zoo of adaptive dynamic network models. In this workshop we focus on the critical topological behavior of adaptive networks. We want to discuss low dimensional representations, moment closure techniques, and precursor variables. In particular, we explore the limits of predicting catastrophic events.

DEC 14-15

CSH Workhshop "Challenges of information theory for the study of complex systems"

CSH @ Palais Strozzi

Organized by Bernat Corominas-Murtra and Rudolf Hanel


APR 25-27

Grand Challenges for Science in the 21st century

CSH @ Palais Strozzi

Organized by Stefan Thurner and Jan Vasbinder

MAY 28-30

CSH Workshop 'Peak stuff' and permafrost - critical transitions in eco-environmental interactions

CSH @ Palais Strozzi

Organized by J. Stephen Lansing and Stefan Thurner

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