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CSH Lunch Talk by Wouter Beek, VU University Amsterdam,

Palais Strozzi

Wouter Beek's talk on "LOD Lab: Experiments at Web Scaleby" takes place on May 2 at 11am in Seminar Room 101.

Bio: Wouter Beek received his Master’s in Logic from the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC). He is currently PhD researcher at VU University Amsterdam (VUA), working in the Knowledge Representation & Reasoning (KR&R) group. His research focuses on the development, deployment and analysis of large-scale heterogeneous knowledge bases and the way in which they enable unanticipated and innovative reuse. Wouter is the principle developer of the LOD Laundromat and LOD Lab. He has taught over ten courses in Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy.

MAY 8-9

CSH Workshop: Re-inventing society in the digital age

Palais Strozzi

The digital revolution is a perfect storm. It increasingly becomes clear that digital technologies will be used to fundamentally transform services and products, entire business models and economic sectors, institutions and society. It won’t stop with industry 4.0. We will need education 4.0, mobility 4.0, health 4.0, science 4.0, innovation 4.0, finance 4.0, economy 4.0, sustainability 4.0, governance 4.0 and society 4.0. But how exactly might this digital future look like? How do we want our future society to be, and how will we get there? This will be the focus of our workshop. Critical and revolutionary ideas are welcome - they are needed now if we want to build a better future!


MAY 12

Talk by Tamas Biro: Unidirectional and Resetting Stochastic Dynamics

Palais Strozzi

Join us for a talk by Tamas on May 12 at 2:00 pm at the Hub.

Abstract: A particular class of linear master equation dynamics with unidirectional internal evolution rates and a long-jump resetting to the zero-state will be discussed. This model class is able to describe several distributions observed in complex systems, derived from the particular state dependence of the transition rates. We select out the exponential (geometrical) and the Waring distribution, along with their large system - continuous model counterparts, the Boltzmann-Gibbs and the Pareto distribution, as examples, respectively. A list of suitable properties for defining an entropic distance measure will also be presented.

MAY 26

CSH Lecture: Constantino Tsallis, External Faculty, CSH; Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas

Palais Strozzi

Join us for the lecture by Constantino Tsallis on "Nonadditive entropy: small price to satisfy thermodynamics -- Theory and experiments" on Friday, May 26, at 2:15pm at the Hub.

Abstract: The Galilean composition law of velocities within Newtonian mechanics is additive. But in order to unify mechanics with Maxwell electromagnetism, Einstein adopted the Lorentz space-time transformation as the primary mathematical-physical goal to be satisfied. It resulted in the well known, nonadditive, relativistic composition law of velocities. This surely is a small price to pay in order to unify mechanics and electromagnetism, and explain very many experimental facts. Analogously, there is a plethora of analytical, experimental, observational, and computational evidence (see Bibliography in h]p://tsallis.cat.cbpf.br/biblio.htm) which reveals various kinds of violations of Boltzmann-Gibbs statistical mechanics, including thermodynamics. The adoption of nonadditive entropic functionals which generalize the traditional, additive, Boltzmann-Gibbs entropy enables to satisfy classical thermodynamics: as before, a small price to pay.

MAY 30-2

CSH Lunch Talk by Axel Polleres

Palais Strozzi

Axel Polleres' talk will take place on April 25 at 11am in seminar room 101.

AUG 24-26

Managing Complex Systems, Alpbach Technology Symposium

Palais Strozzi

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