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MAR 23

Introducing payment and value systems for emerging economies in refugee societies II

Palais Strozzi

This is a technical follow up of the workshop that took place on February 2 and 3, aiming at fathoming the possibility to create an intelligent app-based payment system (electronic currency) for people living in refugee camps. It should be designed to not only stimulate the economy in the camps, but also to feed information back to participants to see their economy emerging and visualize possibilities to create new activities. Feedback from a workshop on March 3 with over 100 refugees will be taken into account for the next steps and the design and functionalities of the app.

MAY 8-9

Reinventing society

Palais Strozzi

More information will follow.

AUG 24-26

Managing Complex Systems, Alpbach Technology Symposium

Palais Strozzi

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